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What is an "Unplugged Wedding" and why you should Consider having one?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

What’s an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when you ask your guests to turn off all their digital distractions during your ceremony

We're living in a time where social media is everywhere we look and everyone has an online presence. Documentation of everything and sharing it online for others to see has become very normal behaviour. It’s not unique to wedding. WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE AN UNPLUGGED WEDDING? There are plenty of advantages to asking guests to go unplugged and tech free for your special day. So here’s five top reasons why you should consider an unplugged wedding ceremony. 1. - Enjoy the Moment One of the downsides to documenting and sharing everything online means that we are living the majority of our lives through screens and pixels. By going "unplugged" and asking your guests to put away their technology, they are able to free themselves from the social media distraction and are able to actually be present and enjoy the events that are happening before them... 2. - Less Distractions Technology as we all know can be a huge distraction for the guests.. but not only that they can be distracting for the couple on their wedding day as well...

When you’re trying to say your vows but you see your uncle leaning out of their seat to snap a photo. And if you think that’s distracting to you up front, imagine how distracted all of your guests are who are seated behind your uncle.

3. - Don't Ruin Your Photos Unfortunately We’ve all seen the photos online of wedding guests who decide it’s more important for them to get a photo on their phones of the first kiss or you walking down the aisle rather than let the professional photographer capture that moment. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your photographer or videographer and you deserve to have your ceremony moments perfectly captured. 4. - See your Guests Faces With an unplugged ceremony, you can actually see your guests’ faces and not just their screens. Wouldn’t it be so great to see a bunch of your loved ones smiling up at you as you say your vows, instead of just seeing the backs of their phones? 5. - Your Photographer/Videographer will thank you You have hired a professional photographer or videographer who is going to take way better photos and video than your best friend’s old iPhone could capture. And those professional photos/video will be available for all of your guests to view and share in a few short weeks...

Plus, what are your guests planning to do with the photos they take? Is your auntie really going to frame a shaky photo of your first kiss on their living room wall? Probably not. Is your friend going to re-watch the video she took of your vows over and over again? Highly unlikely.

These days, we’re encouraged to document every moment and share everything on social media. Our natural reflex when we see anything is to snap a photo of it and post it somewhere. But in moments as important as a wedding ceremony, we need to question our obsession with documenting and sharing.

Sometimes, we need to put the phone down, skip the Instagram Story opportunity, and just be present.


Remember, this is your wedding day. You don’t want iPhone flashes and incoming calls to ruin it, but you also don’t want to deal with the drama of angry guests. Make sure to approach this topic with care and acknowledge your guests’ complaints, but be confident in how you envision your ceremony

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