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ajsarsfieldfilm - wedding videographer liverpool
Hello There...
Growing up I always had a camera in my hands...
Whether that was my mums vintage photo camera, a cheap flip phone or getting my hands on my first digital camcorder in high school,
I always had a passion for capturing moments, documenting events and shooting family gatherings.

Having gone to university to study film you'd think i'd have grand aspirations to make it in Hollywood shooting blockbuster movies with the likes of Steven Spielberg.

However film sets and large professional productions never were my cup of tea,
They felt too much like I was a small cog in a big machine and they lacked the individual creativity, enjoyment and personal touch of when I used to shoot my own personal projects as a kid growing up.

Cut to 2010 when I got asked to shoot my first wedding by a couple of good friends of mine.
I had never done one before and it was far from perfect but I quickly realised that this is the type of filmmaking id always dreamed of.
It was personal, it was emotional and best of all I was in charge of my own creativity!
Even though it was my first film the couple absolutely loved the end product and that meant the world to me, not only did I get a chance to be creative but by capturing these moments I was genuinely making a difference to peoples lives!

There's something magical about a professional wedding film,Weddings are often a once in a lifetime event and having a well made film of that has the ability to capture all the emotions, sights n sounds of the day which truly helps transport you and your partner back to that exact moment in time.
If you're anything like me though and you're a bit more on the quiet, introverted side of things,
you won't want a big camera stuck in your face or someone directing you and telling you what to do during your wedding day.
That's why I specialise in relaxed and discreet storytelling for my wedding films.
I wont ask you to pose awkwardly or do things multiple times.

Nobody needs a full Hollywood production at their wedding getting in the way and distracting from what is really important, your enjoyment of one of the most important days of your life.

You want your wedding to be captured, but not feel like it’s being interrupted.
Generally you and your guests won't even know they are being filmed.

I keep my gear to a minimum and try to blend into the crowd as I document your day capturing all the best candid and natural moments of your wedding day. 
I love getting to know my couples, hearing their unique stories so that I can produce something that truly reflects who you are.
It's amazing really that I get to be a part of so many peoples lives and get the chance to shoot all their incredible love stories, 

If you like the sound of that, have a look at what I offer and we can grab a brew & have a chat about filming your wedding day and bringing your memories home.

"We could not be happier with not only our wedding film but the service we received from Andrew before, during and after our wedding"

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