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What are "Micro Weddings" and why you should consider having one?

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Unfortunately for many of you 2020 has been a whirlwind of uncertainty and change. Because of the Corona Virus world pandemic, safety restrictions have significantly reduced wedding numbers and many couples have been unable to have their ideal dream wedding and have been forced to either cancel or rearrange their big days...

What is a micro wedding? As the name suggests, a micro wedding is all to do with scale. Sometimes defined as small and intimate weddings, typically a micro wedding will host a much lower capacity involving the invitation of fewer guests to your special day. Most aspects of a larger traditional wedding can form part of a micro wedding and there are many reasons why couples opt for this type of celebration. Why should you choose a micro wedding?

Reduced planning and Stress time - 2020 is stressful enough already without having to plan and organise details for 100+ guests on your wedding day Having to logistically only think about less than 20 guests can significantly reduce your stress and the time planning your wedding day. There’s less overall details to work out.. Less invites to post out as well as less responses and questions to answer,

It also significantly cuts down on things such as menu choices, table plans, and party favours Micro weddings cut down A whole host of stressful things on your to-do list just by reducing your guest numbers. The Cost - This seems obvious but by Cutting down on guests and downsizing to a smaller Micro wedding you'll obviously be able to Save some money overall on your big day. Especially when most venues charge Per head when it comes to guests.. so cutting down from 100+ to less than 20 will be a significant decrease in the financial impact of the day.. However some people are choosing to Spoil their guests in these situations. By cutting down to only your most close friends n family you can afford to splash a little bit of extra cash on them individually and really celebrate the day in style with the people who mean the most to you! Quality time with your guests - Usually a wedding day is super stressful and flies by quicker than you could ever imagine... However when you cut the amount of guests down you'll be able to actually spend some quality time with the people that really matter to you! Instead of your day being a steady stream of welcomes, goodbyes and that awful guilt that you haven’t properly chatted to a hundred people individually, a micro wedding allows for a more relaxed vibe giving you the time you want to really interact with your guests. It’s all about the marriage - Ultimately your wedding day is for YOU, the couple Having a micro wedding allows you to enjoy the true meaning of the day, marrying the person you love. A micro wedding allows for you to be surrounded by the people you love and gives you the space to enjoy each other at this exciting time.

There are so many reasons why you should consider having a micro wedding, especially in the current climate.  They have such an intimate feel, are super customisable and they're just as special and beautiful as any other wedding day.. I am always truly humbled to be invited as a wedding videographer to be a part of and capture your special day So If you are planning a small wedding then feel free to contact me as I would love to have a chat.

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