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5 Reasons to hire a wedding Videographer

Updated: Aug 3, 2021


There is a fundamental shift in the way that couples are choosing to remember their wedding day. A new breed of wedding cinematographer is learning from the best wedding filmmakers overseas and applying those lessons here in the U.K.

I predict in coming years the trend will continue, as the quality of films continues to rise, with more couples investing in a quality wedding film in addition to just having photos. If you speak to any of your married friends who hired a wedding videographer to film their special day, we pretty much guarantee that all of them will tell you that it was well worth the money! For one reason or another, wedding videographers don’t seem to be high up on the priority list when it comes to choosing wedding suppliers, but there’s absolutely no reason as to why every engaged couple shouldn’t consider adding a wedding videographer to their wedding budget from the very beginning.  Trust me, you may see it as an unnecessary expense or something that's Way out of your budget, but here are a few reasons why that expense is worth every penny:


.1 - You can play celebrity for a day! - Celebrities are often seen as "so lucky" because the whole world knows their name and wants to be near them. Your wedding day is the one day where you're the bell of the ball. It's not about your Rich uncle your cool older brother or your gorgeous best friend, it's ALL about you. .2 - An unforgettable memory of your wedding day - Your wedding day will probably go by in a flash – but having a wedding videographer capture your celebration from first thing in the morning, your ceremony speeches and all the way through to your evening reception there will be physical video evidence of exactly what happened and will remind you of your best day ever for many years to come.  .3 - Your wedding videographer can get creative - A wedding video these days isn’t quite the same as they used to be... you may have seen your parents or grandparents wedding videos and they may seem a little dated or even "boring" to watch.. Today’s Wedding Videographers are experts when it comes to using top of the range equipment, music and digital creativity to turn your wedding day into a Cinematic Story telling experience, one that you'll enjoy for many years to come! .4 - Share your wedding video with family and friends on social media. -   Aside from watching your own wedding video on repeat at home or gathering close friends and relatives around your house for the occasional viewing or two, your wedding videographer is able to create a Short "highlight video" that you can upload to your favourite social media and share with ALL of your friends and family - even the ones that were unable to be there on your special day...

.5 - Capturing the real emotion  Unfortunately Photos can't always capture the Full extent of what is happening during a wedding day. There are numerous parts of a wedding day when emotions can run high; from the father of the bride seeing his daughter all dressed up, to the groom seeing her for the first time walking down the aisle and more than likely, the emotional speeches during the reception/meal as every speaker explains how lovely the couple looks and how much they mean to them... Having these emotions captured on film will be forever sentimental to look back on. 


You won’t want to get to the day after your wedding and then realise that you wish you would have hired a wedding videographer! It’s always best to exhaust options during your planning if it is something that you are considering. 

bride and groom cutting cake - wedding video st helens
Hillbark hotel wedding film - Adam and Helen Snape

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