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Hillbark Hotel & Spa - Adam and Helen - " It Was Fate"

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Adam + Helen Snape

"It Was Fate"

Being a man of Science, Adam prefers facts over fate.

However when you look at the events that brought him and Helen together you cant help but think,

Was it fate?

Adam was always told growing up that he'd never meet a girl he'd marry in a bar but little did he know that one fateful night in University he'd meet Helen in one.

A J Sarsfield Film had such an amazing time creating this stunning

wedding film for Adam and Helen at the beautiful Hillbark Hotel

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day, a more perfect location and a more beautiful couple to share the day with.

We are very proud of this wedding film and think it showcases their love for one another in a way that makes you think

"they were meant for each other"

Congratulations to both Adam and Helen and we hope you have a long happy life together

We were honoured to be apart of your big day and we hope you enjoy the rest of your lives together...

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